4player splitscreen online + or 4player splitscreen online zombies/2 PSN/XBOXLIVE accounts instead of PSN account and guest for splitscreen multiplayer/zombies

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Ok, so i will start of by saying at all of my Party's/Birthday party's of when I have my friends around we play call of duty zombies for a bit and then end up playing a differant game that is 4player splitscreen.

Firstly my friend came over once and we went to play black ops 2 multiplayer & we wanted my PSN as controller 1 and we wanted his PSN on controller 2 but unfortunately it is not possible. Yes i had his psn on my console also and he has mine on his. So what I really want is to play with both of our PSN's Online on splitscreen is this possible? I'm pretty sure it is on some other games so Treyarch I Assure you this may make alot of people that have friend's over alot happy.

Secoundly ZOMBIES! At all of my birthday's we want to play black ops zombies BUT! we cant because I have 4people in total over and it is only 2player splitscreen offline & online. Once I tried a glitch on youtube to play 4player splitscreen and it worked we played for ages and had alot of fun. but we could only play Kino der toten & Five. I have all the map pack's so I wanted to play the other maps aswell but we could not I know the consoles can hold it maybe not so well on the singleplayer engine. But on the Multiplayer engine on Black Ops II, I think its more than possible.

Thirdly ONLINE 4player splitscreen & ZOMBIES 4player splitscreen.

Honestly I do see a problem that may occur in 4player splitscreen Online Multiplayer, e.g Camping, Group Rushing. It could end up a mess, But with Zombies online I dont see why not? 4players splitscreen online with 4 other people on differant consoles? it would be fun.


I hope you have read this and considered changing this for black ops II because I'm going to my mates party on december and we are going to have 2 ps3's connected to PSN and we want to play 4 of us on each console in 1 match (Because apperantly there is 8player co-op in black ops II. If not im not sure what we will end up doing. Goodbye all

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