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Black Ops 2 has Problems

Dear Sirs,

Having played this game since it came out, & having purchased all new packs, it shows me just how far video games have come, and just how far this game has to go. In a nutshell, I find Black Ops 2 to be a terrible game. The premise is great. The art work is great; but for a gamer since Pong came out, this game play is simply atrocious. Surprisingly, you have sold hundreds of thousands of copies & it shows to me just how little gamers expect these days for their money.

First of all, I don't see a way to set the game up for Public Matches to only play or enter the maps that I want to play, or set one up on a map I want to play & the general public able to join. To be perfectly honest, many of the maps are so poorly conceived & laid out I simply will not play them. Invariably, the mechanism puts me into game after game on maps I simply don't want to play. To make matters worse, one usually finds themselves put into a game on the team that's behind some 20 to 40 points with the match being some 2/3+ over. What's the point? The team i'm on is going to lose, so why play? Exit & go to another game. Same thing, exit again, go to another match, over & over & over. Then I find out your methodology not only gives me a defeat, it negatively affects my score per minute. In the existing environment you have on your lobby and methodology of assigning a player into a game, I will usually exit 20 to 30 matches before I get into one I will play. Seeing the scores of victory teams it also shows me that your methodology of lining up "balanced teams" is in serious need of review. It's atrocious.

Then I finally get into a lobby for a map I want to play & the language going on in most is simply unacceptable. It's like listening to a bunch of pissed off sailors that have been at sea too long. Hearing such language daily, I would not allow young children to play the game. There are too many loopholes allowing such language that cannot be tracked. This is a major issue and the prevelence of which its exists shows me that you are not monitoring or addressing it.

Another major issue are weapons & character capabilities. It really makes me wonder if anyone on your design team has ever fired a weapon or trown a grenade. Characters run around the battle map and shoot effectively on the run which is totally absurd. Got a machine gun? No problem! Send in the guy with a pistol or have a team mate throw a grenade from one side of the map all the way over to the other side.

Another issue that relates to character ability is your networking of players. Again & again I see a player come running around a corner, turn & fire before the person "camping" can simply pull the trigger. Pure bullshit. Again & again you fire & put half a magazine through an enemy, nothing happens, & he smiles, turns & shoots you dead.

Probably one the the most exasperating aspects of the game is the very poor spawning methodology. Spawns are here & there; flip & they are over there. Doesn't happen in the real world & this is so very simple to correct and have a general spawn area for each side that will not allow ones opponent to spawn camp, which happens a lot now.

I have heard people say, "it's a video game", & that's very true. IMHO however, when a game designer attempts to put out a product based on real military action, the designer has a responsibility to at least attempt to have some degree of realism. Call of Duty, Black Ops 2 does not.

As it is, Call of Duty, and particularly Black Ops 2 may as well be called, "Space Cadets"; it's a complete joke.

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Re: Black Ops 2 has Problems

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This is the Website Feedback subforum. I suggest you do a search and contribute your thoughts on these topics to existing threads that are already active in General Discussion and platform specific subforums.


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