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Hello Community,

Below are a few examples of our definition of spam. Please keep in mind that our definition of spam is not limited to this list. It is intended to educate you on the most common actions that fit the definition.

    • Repeated and unnecessary usage of attention grabbing content.
    • Threads considered as games or those which need one-line / minimal replies. (Counting threads, petitions, etc.)
    • Misleading content such as links and short links to questionable content.
    • Embedded images that do not add to the discussion. (Rage faces, memes, etc.)
    • Requesting YouTube or Streaming meta-content. (Subs, likes, comments, ratings, etc.)
    • Organized thread creation to garner attention. (Example: Scheduled and persistent recreation of topics.)
    • Threads which dispute the actions of moderators. (Contact a moderator instead.)
    • Advertising products or services for the sake of garnering attention.
    • Contests, giveaways and tournaments.
    • Bumping topics repeatedly.
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