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Hi. I have played all COD maybe more than 150 times. That's why I have noticed that captain Price is too old in COD 2 and too young in the later MW. And many sounds of the russian in Black Ops 1 are similar to the russian in WoW, where they are not so repetious and seem more original.

The only edition I haven't been able to play as much is Black Ops 1. Somehow it is much more shaky and it really stress my mind to look at.

Feature requests:

In many movies you see squads clear out rooms one by one by coming inside in a line and then some go left and some go right and sometimes they also shout "clear", other times they go quietly. I was wondering whether that is playable?

Also in the television serie "the unit" in a gun fight situation with clear line of sight around their base, they can not hit the enemy with their weapons, so one of them has to run to their truck to get a sniper rifle with longer range. Maybe it would be fun if some weapons were useless because of range?

I have also seen the tv-serie "band of brothers" about WW2 & Normandy a dosen of times. You have to hate their training camp leader captain Sobel but perhaps he does make a better team out of them although his map reading is often wrong. But for example when they take out a cannon position, they use handsignals and some of them draw the enemy-fire away while others outflank the position. Is that playable - handsignals and drawing enemyfire?

I'm not sure that any new Call of Duty (story) would be more interesting than a Call of Duty 2 aniversary edition with some feature & graphics upgrades in the gameplay.

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