2 Player Co-Op on Wii U

Black Ops II Wii-U

2 Player Co-Op on Wii U

I'm looking for someone with a mic who would like to play with just two of us. I feel like it gets too crowded with four players, epecially on town and farm. Honestly, I wish tranzit supported up to 8 players, but that's another topic...

So, anyway, anyone with a Wii U and a mic interested in some two player zombies?

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Re: 2 Player Co-Op on Wii U

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wii u eh? i wonder how are the graphics compared to ps3/xbox360 and pc. wii U does look cool guess we can expect some of the same or better with the upcoming new consoles. Sorry off topic but had too. I'm ps3 so if you got that i'll join ya lol good luck!

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