A Letter of Request- Creation of a Wii U Community Thread

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A Letter of Request- Creation of a Wii U Community...

I know this will probably be locked or deleted, but i feel the need to at least to write what's on my mind.

Dear Treyarch Staff,

Since this game's launch, we have received a few patches and hotfixes to manage some growing issues within the game (post release). These issued fixes are greatly appreciated, and while they are addressing some issues, the overall active community in the Wii U forum is unaware of all the changes and fixes that are made as a result of the patches and hotfixes. Some issues are still not properly fixed either, and knowing what is fixed and not fixed is also difficult to determine. For this reason, i would like to request the creation of a "WIi U Community Update..." thread. Likewise for the other platform forums that have these threads, the addition of such a thread, in the Wii U forum, will allow users to know what was changed and fixed accordingly in the WIi U version of Call of Duty Black Ops II. If an in-game issue still exists and is noted within the community update thread, users would also be able to notify staff via threads of the concerning issue's continued existence.

I would like to request that both hotfixes and patches be noted in the thread as well to help clear up any querls from Wii U forum posters regarding patches and hotfixes. As a Computer Science student, i can only imagine the stress and workload that, as programmers, Treyarch Staff receive from having to uphold a 2 year development cycle, not to mention post support for all platforms after the release of each game. With running tests of the game after each patch is implemented, the amount of work involved is to a great degree, and i appreciate your efforts.

In closing, as one poster, i cannot gaaruntee the satisfaction of all posters, but for myself, an up-to-date Wii U community (patch) thread would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for reading.

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Re: A Letter of Request- Creation of a Wii U Commu...

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Yes please a up-to-date Wii U community (patch) thread will be great

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If they could tell us "yea we know that is wrong, and were in the process of fixing it" would be a huge step in the right direction. They are leavin us in the dark right now..

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