ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and other things...

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ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and other t...

Not sure how it slipped by the developers, but the wiimote sniping is pretty bad. Can the devs snipe for 5 minutes and see how they can improve it? I've tweaked my settings to the point where it's improved some, but I've noticed other peculiarities.

* point cursor on a fixed object and ADS. Immediately go out of ADS and the cursor is now a couple meters away from fixed object - no hand movement has taken place to take the cursor off the fixed object

* going into ADS while on turning on the run and the camera locks up making it impossible to scope onto anything

* this has happened 3 times now (just started sniping Friday): laying prone on catwalk on Hijacked pointed towards the front of the boat. I fired a shot, killed the enemy, but afterwards I was pointing towards the rear of the boat. Like the recoil made me spin 180 degrees - only there was no spin. Happened on other maps too.

* cursor movement is pretty sensitive even at low sensitivity settings - reticle is all over the place

* please take a look at sniping on traditional controller vs wiimote controller and balance them

I realized it's May...6 months or so after game launch and I, as well, as everyone else am getting the sense that support for this game on Wii U is dead. Please prove us wrong.

While you're at it:

* fix connectivity/lag/hit detection - has gotten worse the longer the game's been out

* fix the "joinable" flags where it says a friend/lobby is joinable, but is in fact not

* fix the "new" flag on the calling card, etc even though nothing there is new

* fix the wiimote controls for VTOL and Lodestar

* change TDM and HCTDM to 125 points/kill. Have you not noticed barely anyone getting the upper scorestreaks (except via care packages)?

* fix the problem where we lose half our all of our party if the leader backs out of a lobby - they often have to go back to the Nintendo main menu or unplug it

* yes - you saw it coming - make a decision with DLC. At this point I don't care, but as a matter of principle (and good faith towards those who MAY buy a future COD), just make a decision. Yes or no, I don't care. Just show you care by choosing one.

* give any lobby the ability to kick a player if the majority agrees - sick of these 8 year old trolls teamkilling, flash banging, and concussing teammates throughout the whole match then they join us again via player history. Add a "nuisance" report feature so you can ban them. Still seeing offensive emblems, clan names, NNIDs, etc too - did you stop policing?

* target finder still shows players behind walls/rocks/etc

* aim assist still unbalanced across controllers - I don't use it on wiimote, so I'd prefer it taken off completely for us...but I know some like it. Dual Analog should have it as it's harder to aim. Whatever it takes - buff wiimote for those that use it or nerf the DA...I don't care - just make it balanced.

* a lot of the times when I press down on the dpad to knife, it switches my weapons instead (brand new wiimote/chuk)

* a lot of the times when I press right on the dpad to change weapons, it knifes instead

* when you press A to sprint, you start controlling the sentry gun - this probably happens with the AGR, too, but I'm not sure

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Can i just say THANK YOU for posting this? I agree with thise post 100%. I've been saying Wii Remote sniping has been having your first two issues noted for a very long time now, ever since that last patch they gave. It was better before the last patch too, if you'd believe it. SO much better control and everything before that patch, it was fairly good. With that last patch, some issues with fixed (stopped jumping over cover when holding breath etc), but it mainly broke more than it fixed IMO. One annoying issue with replaced with another X_X

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Re: ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and oth...

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This is one of the biggest problems . Trying to knife but all it does is change your weapon .

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Re: ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and oth...

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Last night - trying to change weapons at the start of a game made me knife instead and I killed a teammate. Whoops!

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Re: ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and oth...

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Where was this post 5 months ago?

They won't nerf DA.  Noobs need a way to play and they need that aim assist to get kills.  So that one won't happen.  They can't use the wiimote so DA AA it is for them. To make aim assist balanced the Wiimote aim assist shouldn't break so easily.  It's only useful on one shot kill or one burst kill weapons because just pulling the trigger will break the lock because you move you hand slightly.  I would be fine if they buffed wiimote AA OR if they just made a smooth transition from hipfire to ADS.  Either way. 

Maybe they'll get it right in the next game.  IW doesn't hold the player's hands so much with the aim assist.  If the wiimote aim assist stays where it is, and IW nerfs it for the next game, then it will be balanced.

Also they need to fix the "Hold Z to control sentry gun" issue since that is also the sprint button and pickup weapon button.

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OMG - forgot about that one. So annoying! I die a lot from that very thing - go to run and I magically start controlling the sentry gun. By the time I exit out of controlling it, I've been shot :/ It's the major reason why I don't have that scorestreak...and the times when I get it in a care package, I just let someone else grab it, LOL. Thanks TreyArch!

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But dat MW3 Wiimote....

Even if that was the case, IW just holds players hands in every other way possible.

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Re: ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and oth...

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We are assuming a bit much here arent we? Do we think treyarch still look at this forum??

They is long gone baby!!!

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i noticed that there is no control for holding your breath on da.  Thats just crap.  that friggin cursor goes everywhere.  I just started sniping a few days ago and once i got the acog i use it now.  i would like to use the scope but the wii mote is just crazy.  Hell even the acog has got sway.

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Re: ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and oth...

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On the gamepad, I'm pretty sure you push down the left analog stick (as if it were a button). Like how you push down the right stick to melee. Not sure about the CCP or Pro controller. I only use Wiimote, so someone else may have a better answer.

Sniping while standing is pretty much ridiculous as the sway is so bad even when tweaking settings. I still suck at sniping, but I have better luck always going prone - calms the sway down a bunch.

What I don't like about ACOG is you can move your gun very fast while in ADS. With scope, you can a bit better. Like if you have to scan an area while in ADS or go from one enemy to another. I loved ACOG on MW3 with snipers, but I don't use it here - personally feel I do better without ACOG.

Nintendon't started a thread about that - looks like you can't with CCP:

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