An idea for a future zombie map

Black Ops II Wii-U

So here is my idea for not really a map just how the map is played. Basically there are two modes on the map Daytime and Nighttime. The map will switch between the two modes every five rounds (doesn't necessarily have to be 5 rounds). There will be eight perks on the map but heres the catch the perks will change between daytime and nightime.

Daytime perks:

Stamin Up

Electric Cherry

Who's Who

(New Buried Perk)

Nighttime perks:

Deadshot Daquiri




24/7 perks:


Speed Cola

Quick Revive

Double Tap 2

Then the original perks will be 24/7 perks so Juggernog, Double Tap 2, Speed Cola, and Quick Revive will be on the map during both day and nighttime.

Basically say you buy 4 perks in the first 5 rounds say Juggernog, Double Tap 2, Electric Cherry, and Who's Who. Then once round 6 begin's you will lose Electric Cherry and Who's Who for 5 rounds because currently they are not on the map and keep Jugg and Double Tap because they are constantly on the map. So now you can buy two of the Nighttime perks say Deadshot and Flopper. Then once round 11 begins you'll lose Deadshot and Flopper and gain back Electric Cherry and Who's Who. Basically if the perk isn't on the map during the round you are on you cannot use it.

Also at round five you can get an opportunity to get a free perk making it possible to get all the perks. I think this would be a pretty cool idea and would change up gameplay a bit.

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Hm, seems good. Want to look at my idea for what paris would be?

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What?! Are you for real?!!! You're advertising you're thread on another thread? That's worse than advertising youtube channels! Whoa!

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Woah?! Are YOU for real?! I was trying to tell him about his idea and also getting another person's opinion on my map.

Mind Your Own Buisness

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your paris map seems pretty cool

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sniper rifle, war machine, the other sniper rifle, crappy shotgun, the other crappy shotgun, pistol, two pistols, knife and no wonder weapons...

i would like to see just a better class of weapons coming out of the mystery box.

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