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Re: Annoying Ranking System

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So maybe you have to get 1000 kills per down. Thats the only thing I can think of that makes sense. Since you got 2 downs that would divide your Kill Cound by 2, which would be something around 700 kills.

So if you just do that good with only one down, you'll probably rank up. (based on these other guys comments)

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Re: Annoying Ranking System

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the the ranking system is a JOKE! We got to 35 on town, 4 player, 2000 kills 1000 headshots and no rank up. Top 2000 overall on Farm, 500 busdepot, 600 on town and 50k on tranzit and stuck w skull/eyes(all 4 player games). Fu*k the rank emblem i go for strt leaderboards but i guess being top 98% in the world in rounds dont mean shit

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Re: Annoying Ranking System

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Why can't treyarch give some sort of clue how to rank up? It's so annoying, been to high rounds, got a high kd and still no rank up. So many rumours how to rank up but they are all bs, all we need is just 1 statement from treyarch.. I'm not saying tell us everything but give some clue FFS.

Another guy on my list got the shotguns and his stats are crap so how is that possible?

I'm top 200 in everything but no final rank, maybe it's different for everyone or something but jeeeeez it's so annoying.

TREYARCH give us some sort of info about the ranks NOW!!!!!!!!

Rant over lol

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