Any wii veterans here?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Time to get a wii U i guess. Lol.

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KSG still blows, the remington (model of the year 2025) is way better

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the KSG is quite possibly the worst gun in the entire game - it gave me nightmares Given my 460 ping its not surprising I couldnt get any bloodthirsty medals

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With the KSG you actually need to aim. Aim very well. So other people will just go back to spraying their SMGs.

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Why is it that I'm the only one who seems to think that the KSG is the best shotgun?

Requires perfect ADS and has epic range as reward.

I really need to make a new shotty class asap.

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I love the KSG. A gun that rewards you for doing good. Unlike guns that reward you for doing nothing.

(Just got remington gold 3 to go)

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I smell wooden shoes and cheese wheels. (sniff)

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Yay Silent

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MW3/BO is vet status now?

Lol. W@W here. I don't remember you. At all.

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you have 3 posts...

hes talkin about the forums history and the era he came from.

im from W@W, and i dont remember you at all.

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