Black Ops II Wii-U

Okay, People with problems with this system like you have a 100 K/D and you onlu have a knife or a skull then please contact black ops 2 support at https://support.activision (dot) com/Contact_Us if you have any error sigh in the past like you have been reseted to a time before, then their support can try to investgate in your profile. Thanks and am not an BLOPS employee, just a helper!

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My friend is currently skull rank, no blue eyes, no knifes or guns, just a skull. Here are his stats

Kills: 67137
Bullets fired: 367831
Downs: 983
Revives: 431
Grenade Kills: 2539
Headshots: 13635
Deaths: 479
Gibs: 83904
Perks drank: 790
Doors: 738
Bullets hit: 1005422
Travled Miles: 948

I am Skull blue eyes level 5 and here are my stats

Kills: 6843
Bullets Fired: 28632
Downs: 297
Revives: 72
Grenade Kills: 212
Headshots: 1084
Deaths: 220
Gibs: 5513
Perks Drank: 84

Doors: 185
Bullets Hit: 25677 (0.90)
Travled Miles: 199an my

The Zombies ranking system is really weird.

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"Level 5" aka blue eyes aka 5 tallies is just the DAYS you've been plaiyng for. Blue eyes/tallies are not skill, just dedication.

You are both skulls? Sounds about right considering your stats. Your friend has a looot of downs, especially comparing to his kills. Your KD isn't great either but seems better than his from the outset.

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Ok here are my stats.

6614 kills 30 downs = 220.46 kpd

45184 bullets fired with a 255% accuracy. (Thanks to collaterals on high rounds)

18 revives (usually play solo)

51 grenade kills (Don't like stumpies)

608 headshots (definitely can work on that)

6819 gibs (how that's higher than kills I have no idea)

65 perks drank

56 doors open

27 miles traveled

I just got this game a couple weeks ago so I haven't played it too much but I was wondering how to get shotguns. I only have a skull. I know to get blue eyes you need to play for 5 days in a row. When I had 2 bones I had 1 tally and went up to skull. You do not need all 5 tallies to rank up. I played black ops 1 zombies a ton so I guess my skill went over to this.

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Ok so here is an update from that last one.

Kills: 11576 Downs: 37 KPD: 312.86

Bullets fired:74269 Hits: 216877 Accuracy: 291%

Revives: 26

Grenade kills: 72

Head shots: 1125

Deaths: 20

Gibs: 12225

Perks drank: 95

Doors opened: 87

Miles traveled: 67

Tallies: 3

Rank: Skull

Gamertag: Life0fajuggalo

The o in of is a zero.

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Your k/d is sufficient but the problem is you don't have enough "total career kills". I think you have to have over 18,000 kills just to get the dagger.  So keep playing and keep that k/d high and you should rank up to the daggar soon.  I don't remember what the totally kills for the shotguns are but it will be awhile for that.

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Ok here we go again

Kills: 17654 Downs: 61 KPD: 289

Bullets fired: 113224 Accuracy: 230% (Been playing a lot of grief) :b

Revives: 97 (Again with grief)

Grenade kills: 134 (Don't use grenades a lot)

Headshots: 2526 (Really low I know)

Gibs: 17274

Perks drank: 174

Doors opened: 158

Traveled miles: 139

Rank: Skull with knife

Tallies: 4

I'm going to play 1 match and I will update just to show you what I usually can do if I try my hardest.

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Alright I actually played a few matches with a couple of my friends and here's what happened.

kills: 22062 Downs: 75 KPD: 294

Revives: 124

Bullets fired: 134356 Accuracy: 224%

Grenade kills: 156

Headshots: 3300

Gibs: 21193

Perks drank: 252

Doors opened: 185

Traveled miles: 194

Tallies: 5 (finally. With my sleeping schedule so messed up it took me like 10 days to finally get it because I either started playing at 1 in the morning which took a tally off) :b

Rank: Skull with knife and blue eyes (5 tallies for blue eyes)

I know I might not be that good... but I am wondering how can I livestream from my tv to my computer on youtube... I feel like I can show people around every map and how to do things. I play on every map so just send me a message or friend request and tell me that you are interested in playing zombies. My gamertag is Life0fajuggalo, And the o life(0)fajuggalo is a zero. So it's life(zero)fajuggalo. I know a lot of people complained about that on a different thing. I am planning on changing my gamertag anyways because I didn't even pick that. Please just whenever anyone wants to play zombies I'm sure I will be dashboarded or something and I have my volume up loud so I will here the notification :b I will be willing to play most of the time and even if not I will still respond. Please I love zombies and I get so bored and lonely at night :b I have a mic and a deep voice so just let me know :b Like I said I have every single map out and I will be willing to play any. Maybe not die rise because I don't like that map much :b but any map I will play die rise just not very often.

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I finally got shotguns c': with 26507 kills and 83 downs with a KPD ratio of 319!!

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I am at the KD of 500 with 11000 kills and still only have just plain skull. so yeah we probably will never understand this system

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