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Black Ops II Wii-U

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You said 'the game has stopped production it is definitely going to be a PS3, 360 only title'. Well something u might not have known but XBOX 1 already have black ops 2 and I wish it was the same with PS4.

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Wow...not that hard to google...Ps4 will have a cloud service that will allow you to download previous console titles. Ofcourse this may mean re-buying it if you hadnt bought it through playstation store. No game titles are confirmed at the moment but there is a possibility. Most likely Gta, Assassins creed, Cod, etc would be brought back.

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wow why the make a new gen if bo2 was not going to be on it im still debateing on whether im sill gitting the xbox one becuase i think black ops 2 was the gratest shooting game tryarch made and i think the next tryarch game should be called black ops revenge or black ops 3 or something like that just keep the black ops in the game its better

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Xbox one has already done it so why not ps4. They just did it  an hour ago come on play station you can't fall behind you guys know that bo2 is one of the best or the best call of duty ever made stop slacking and make it backwards compatible im expecting big things after i post this dont't let the call of duty community down.

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