Black Ops II Wii-U

My idea is that the group of survivors when they were teleported tranzit by Richtofen to die rise. according to the vision that had samuel. the old man is attacked while defended by samuel I was listening to Richtofen and later 3 are corralled a horde of zombies. but what would happen is false and after completing the easter egg to die or maxis rise Richtofen teleported nuketown finds them but all destroyed by the missile and the only thing that remained intact was the fallout shelter, but the fallout shelter door is open and only have a limited time to get in and close the door or you will be surrounded by zombies. within the fallout shelter are some pieces to activate the electricity to provide power to a secret teleporter Richtofen that is addressed to moon. after reaching the moon base and there for the first time would look at maxis in person and Richtofen to decide the final battle and take control of the zombies samantha or something ... ami it occurred to me that, if they want they can change ... but this is my idea to see if there ends the saga of black ops or put a continue ... please do not tell me that you think.

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