Bank balance limit reached?

Black Ops II Wii-U

I use a solo routine to where I try getting between 5-20K in to the bank.  I'm still getting used to the routes, and I of course get caught up, and get cornered. lol  But if you want to deposit quickly, with out worrying on going far into rounds, just go through 2-3 rounds(depending on drops), get on the bus, and ride it to the town, buy the bank, open the vault, store your stuff away, and ride the bus back to your location of choice to rake up more points, get a walker on a bus window, and repeat 'til you die, or just restart.  I've been doing that to help me get a nice little cash cow for the tower of babble achievement.

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Hey is there any place on this website where I can view my current Bank Balance for Tranzit?
I viewed it some place before, but I cannot seem to find it now...

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there really is no way to tell. but the cap is 250,000 i beleive. you can always take all your money out to see

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Your right the cap is 250k but you can only take 225k out because of the 100 points you are charged for every 1000 points you take out.

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i used the sniper points perma-perk it gives you about 300 i got max bank points too
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