Best elemental staff

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Best elemental staff

Now that I have built all of thm and tried all of them, I would like to hear your opinions about them. Which one is the best and why? Im liking the electric one atm cause it will actually kill them, not just stun them. But the fire one is good for getting out of trouble

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Re: Best elemental staff

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im a fan of ice myself cuz i just like the effect but always seem to die when i get cornered XD

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Re: Best elemental staff

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hi! in my opinion the best staff is the upgraded ice staff. made rd80yesterday and it still killed when charged. electric staff didnt kill anymore even with multiple charged hits. fire i didnt try in higher rounds cause of the animation error what can end your game. wind is also killing in the higher rounds but not as effectiv as the ice staff.

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Re: Best elemental staff

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Well both Wind and Ice staff have infinite damage so there badass. Wind has more ammo, but much better if you are cornered. Fire can insta-kill Panzer at any round. Wind has my vote in the end.

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Re: Best elemental staff

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Ice has more ammo..............right? Or am I tripping?

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Re: Best elemental staff

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Fire Staff: 9/90

Upgraded: 12/120

Ice Staff: 6/60

Upgraded: 9/90

WInd Staff: 3/30

Upgraded: 6/60

LIghtning Staff: 12/120

Upgraded: 18/180

My favorite is Lightning Staff Upgraded, it has the most ammo of all staffs and it zaps them to death if you charge it up. But the Fire Staff Upgraded can kill Panzer Soldat(s) within one charged shot.

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Re: Best elemental staff

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WInd is definatly the most powerful, but only usefull when all orher staffs lose there power. Best strategy is use the electric staff untill its damage is no good, then switch to wind.

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Re: Best elemental staff

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Ice Staff, she is the hardest to use though.

Round 40 finished in 80seconds.

Round 60 finished in 2 minutes.

No other staff can pull this off, ammo dependent strategy so recovering ammo will result in time consuming.

Has anyone here used all of these in Crazy Place after EE is done? i am yet to try this when i have time.

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Re: Best elemental staff

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I just done a solo game with EE complete and used all the staffs in the crazy place to go past 60's.

NONE! none of them could beat the maxi drone! Ice Staff was the best on ammo and amount of kills, Wind was my second option, it would have easily made it to be best but ammo was running short with this very fast, Fire was still killing them at 60 but with 2 charged blasts and Lightning didnt do much at all... well it wasn't killing anything at this round anyway.

1.Maxi Drone

2.Ice Staff

3.Wind Staff


5.Fire Staff

6.Lightning Staff

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