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Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs

Hello again my fellow brethren of CoD Zombies, since I'm almost done with the BO Easter Eggs (just need Shangri-La) I am here to announce that if we are done before say, thursday or Christmas Eve for the most I might need people to help do Richtofen's side of the BO 2 Easter Eggs (not doing Mob and Origins as I have done them before). I wanted to do Richtofen's side because he has the better reward and ending. I need for maybe 2 or people or just 1 person, so if you haven't done the Easter Eggs for BO2 or have done but want to do it to help then just put your GTs here and I'll send you a message (Xbox GT is the same as name here) so if you want to help then I am thankful. As always I bid you a good day and hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

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