Black Ops 2 Origins Split Screen Problems!!! Plz read and help!

Black Ops II Wii-U

Black Ops 2 Origins Split Screen Problems!!! Plz r...

Hi!!! Every time me and my friends play split screen we have issues with collecting the staff parts. When we pick up a part of the staff it wont light up the piece we just picked up in the inventory. For example, if top screen picks up a part for the fire staff it will light up the top screens fire staff slot but not bottom screen or vice verse. Sometimes it wont even show that we picked anything up. We probably picked up the pieces but its very confusing to look at the inventory and not know what you have. BTW the inventory shows up on the screen when you press select. Everything works fine when I play solo but I need help troubleshooting split screen. If anyone else is having this same issue please tell me so I know im not the only one. Thanks for viewing this post.

- Chris

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