Black Ops 2 Zombies ~~~ Hidden Map?

Black Ops II Wii-U

com on guys now really diner is only playable if you have turned which you need the 1st dlc for this but this post came out in november so who am i kidding

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Hello. Has anyone opened the map yet on black ops 2 zombies it 2016

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it is the TURNED zombie map (Diner)

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To whom who wants dinner zombie map it is doc



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You unlock the secret map in the bus depot "Transit" mode when your on the bus between stop 3 and stop 4 there is a cornfield.

As your going past the cornfield u will see an opening into it. Take the first left then first right once your in the corn field. Once u do that u get to an old house. once u get there u unlock the secret map. In the house there is also a part to the ultimate weapon

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Alright... I'm a really big fan of Zombies and I love the improvements but, I have one question.... When you go to select a map when you play Zombies... There's a map that is locked. You have the Bus Depot, Town, and Farm but there's another map that is hidden in the bottom left corner.... Does anyone know ANYTHING about that map?


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