Black Ops 2 Zombies rank keeps resetting?

Black Ops II Wii-U

    Hello my name is Jake or Stxncxd. I have discovered a problem with my Zombies Game Play. I finished the 3rd Zombie rank and was promoted to the skull with Knife, i hadn't played for a week or so, and I do understand that if I don't play for a while my strike and/or blue eyes will disappear. Well, when I came back my knife rank was gone as well. So today i got on, (January 13th, 2016) and i tried my best to get the knife back. After completing one game of solo play on Survival Town, i was given it back. But when I had gotten in to a game with my other friend, it was taken from me again, and I was doing very good too. My K/D for Zombies, is mint. If someone could help me or fix this that would be great. You could also contact me on Xbox 360, my GT is Stxncxd. Thank you.

- Stxncxd

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Your rank is not related to kills to downs.  It is related to kills to deaths, time played, and high rounds achieved with no downs.  If your rank went down it is because your kills to deaths does not meet the requirement for that rank.  One way to get your kill to death ratio up is to not use tombstone. 

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