Buried Easter Egg Richtofen's side (XBOX1) (URGENT)

Black Ops II Wii-U

I am looking for 3 good, mature, zombies players to complete Richtofen's side of the Mined Games easter egg. Yes I know this game is almost five years old, nonetheless I have been looking for ages on the internet for good players with no avail and I would still love to complete this and get the achievement. A mic is required and you must know ALL the steps like I do.



I've been waiting too long for this, please let's  get this done.


Xbox GT: Chrome0fficial


P.S. If we could also complete Richtofen's side of High Maintenance, along with his side of Tower Of Babble afterwards that would be awesome!

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Im down if you get other players.   GT: iPwnz2D

Aiden Rosen
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