Buried - New Permanent Perks Possibly...

Black Ops II Wii-U

It what people are calling Tombstone. I can tell you that it has nothing to do with EE becuase I've had it for quite a while and I just did my first EE last night.

I've seen people get it by drinking 4 bottles by round 4 and videos showing it.. but I belive i got mine from getting the 7 perks method.. I will tell you this.. it sure makes me hate the game less if i happen to go down in a late round.

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yes agreed... I found something this weekend

Did not like transit or Die rise that much so I have not been playing zombies as much as I would have liked. I have been playing buried over the past few days and have been buying all perks in round 1, and I was still losing all perks when I went down (as I described)

Day before yesterday when I bought a random perk I got the green mist, and ever since then I have only been losing 1 perk when I go down (that's what she said).

So I think you have to have bought a certain amount of perks before it activates... been fine since.

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Hey, when I got buried, I did the buy four perks on round one trick... But I didn't get the permaperk. Then someone said that it was not out for ps3 yet - the perma perk. So does anyone know if the tombstone permaperk is out for ps3 yet? All help appreciated.

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Please answer, I really wana know.

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I got it while I purchased 4 perks in one round before round 4 and all you lose is quick revive if you have it and if you dont have it, it takes you last perk you drank.

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The player can earn an upgrade to retain all of their perks exceptQuick Revive after being downed and revived by Quick Revive or another teammate. This upgrade is obtained when the player buys four perks before round four.

In a game with two or more players, the player will retain all of their perks except for their last obtained perk. Quick Revive will always be lost first, however.

It is unknown how this upgrade is lost.    

From the cod wikia.

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I had that pirk . when downed i loose only one Revive .. and i hade it for the las 3 days . but when was playing today it was gone . would be nice to know what is the way to get it and what is the way to loose it ..

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