Buried - New Permanent Perks Possibly...

Black Ops II Wii-U

Hey guys I was Playing Solo, I bought  double tap, and a green mist happened.

Now when I have quick revive and any other perks...

If i am downed, I am revived with all my perks still except quick revive.

Sort of a similar effect to that of not losing perks when you're downed after the EE....

Only I have not done the EE.

Anyone Else experience or heard of this?

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ya same thing when i die i dnt get them but if im downed and revived i keep them. i dony know why

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Other Big YouTubers have also gotten this but apparently if you get a perk bottle power up with all of the perks, you get this as well o.O

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GhillietheHillBilly wrote:

apparently if you get a perk bottle power up with all of the perks, you get this as well o.O

This is it....

I had it on the day the map came out....well before there was anything on the internet. I had played solo right after I DL the map and got all the perks and went back several times and got perk bottle. Told my friend how I got it and he did it and confirmed.

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This permaperk causes you to lose only one instead of all perks if you get downed

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Also, it works on the TranZit and Die Rise maps. I haven't tried it on MoTD, but I doubt it will.

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How would it work on Mob of the dead if 1. You don't get more than 4 perks and 2. there is no quick revive

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How do you earn this permanent perk?

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I think I earned this by buying so many perks in one game... I'll do more research but i'm pretty sure it has to do with purchasing "x" amount of perks in one gameplay.

Found 2 Theories:

In Solo, Buy 4 perks before round 4.


Buy 4 perks + Receive 4 perk bottle drops from the ghost house.

Try it out and report back.

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I was playing last night with a friend. We both had 7 perks (bought 4 in round 1 and got 3 bottles).

When he went down he only lost 1 perk.

When I went down I lost them all

No Idea why. Things to consider:

- We did not buy the same perks

- He has done the Die Rise and Transit EEs, where I have not

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