CODBLOPS2: Zombies Random Weapon Box/Other ideas

Black Ops II Wii-U

No, that would be stupid. A mystery box with weapons from only certain time frames and locations? Lol obviously you don't  know how the random box works. The box contains weapons from all diferent times and places, its kind of the whole point, to get something diferent. A customizable box would A.) Defeat the purpose of it, and B.) Wreck the storyline a bit. They'd really have to play with it to fit that into the story. I like the vehicle ideas though, i think a huey would be great under the right circumstances, it'd be great if treyarch could introduce scorestreaks to zombies, dosent have to be crazy or anything.. I'd be happy with something as simple as a light support chopper every few hundred kills or something. I dont know, theres lots of improvement to be madeSmiley Happy

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