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points sytem done away... what do you mean?

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He said that in the next game, you no longer earn points, and instead have to complete in order to progress through the maps, like killing X amount of zombies beside something in order to open a door. Personally, I think it sounds like a great idea, as it prevents point whoring, but arrogant selfish players will still find a way. lol.

As for the challenges... I think it is a good AND a bad idea, as it means you are forced into doing the same stuff every game, and personally that sounds like it can already make an already repetitive game mode even more repetitive.

Either way, Benn just get's leaked info from some piece of slime at Activision, and from previous descriptions he put out, he does not always paint a perfect picture. Take Origins for example. I assumed he got early access to it, but he clearly didn't, because for a start, he constantly compared it to Tranzit, when it was NOTHING like Tranzit, and he also stated several times he had played Origins early, yet got so much of his description on it wrong.

He also said things like the Blundergat was on Origins, as was the Paralyzer, and that Arlington Cemetery was a part of the map and there was a village you could explore. Even had the cheek to claim he sat in meetings with Vonderhaar!?!

Nah... he got some info, and painted a completely false picture in his head.

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Re: CODZ forum still down

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That would ruin a lot of possible strategies when you are trying to abuse spawns near some door and it will just open itself when enough zombies die close to it....

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