*CONFIRMED* Zombie Story mode and some gamemodes plus a map

Black Ops II Wii-U

IGN stated on the best things about Black Ops 2 at the end of the post that there is going to be a zombie story also treyarch also announced there is going to an 8 player reg survival mode and a 4 v 4 mode also a new map that takes place in a cuban town (biggest map ever) also multiplayer system will be into zombies which means when the host backs out or disconnects or if he has bad connection it will change host also finding a match will be easier, ranking system most likely, improved leaderboards, competitive zombie modes and much more to come. UPDATE also IGN stated that JFK, Richard Nixon, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, and a news reporter who makes deals with illeagal weapons (115 weapons) will be in Zombies

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BTW my sources are Syndicate and Ali-A

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If you watch the treyarch video that has the zombie footage at the end, you can see a bunch of street names and places that are located in a town in the US. I cant remember the name of the town off the top of my head though

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are you talking about los angelos ... cuz thats where everything is and would make sense to that one mission shown at e3

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Zombies is not part of the campaign.  It may have certain relations to multiplayer maps, but don't expect Treyarch to pull an Infinity Ward and use the same maps in multiplayer and survival.  As the Studio Head at Treyarch, Mark Lamia, said:  "Zombies is its own game."

@vince77 - Please post links so that we can see that you have credible sources.

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You can just go to youtube and watch syndicate's and Ali-A's vids... it's true... and these 2 are the most trustworthy sources for COD info...

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Youtube commentators arent trustworthy for Pre-release info. They're just looking at websites and redirecting that info at us.

Remember how much they speculated for BO and MW3? And how much of their speculation wasnt true?

Just because they're big on youtube for posting gameplay doesnt make them credible sources.

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its located in New Brunswick, NJ

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