Call Of Duty: Zombies

Black Ops II Wii-U

We all know WaW (World At War). The beginning of the zombie age. WaW, really grabbed everyone's attention. The suspense and the action-packed game mode really rose in the leader-boards of top games. Then came BO (Black Ops ). Everyone saw this coming as well as the following Black Ops. The zombie mode was booming and there didn't seem to be an ending point in the near future...until now.

Origins...the last DLC for BO2 ,and the last map for zombies up until now, through everyone "off". If you have played it then you very well know the cut-scene at the end. One with Samantha and Edward playing "Zombies" on the bedroom floor. Hints such as "I wish our heroes were real" really seemed to give the feeling that of the zombies age was coming to an end. Think about how random the story-line once Black Ops came out. I mean, "Call of the Dead" really had almost nothing to do with the original story-line of the four soldiers fighting for their lives during the WWII Era. Yea, the maps are all fine and dandy but we ALL miss the original maps with the story line. Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Edward were by far the greatest thing to happen to treyarch and Call of Duty in general.

I believe we need the last and final piece to zombies. We need the "Big One". We need the game " Zombies". A campaign that explains EVERYTHING! What really happened. Who was Peter!? Where is Maxis! We need the answers!

I really hope you guys take this into consideration. Hopefully Treyarch sees this post and goes through with the idea if they haven't already thought of it. It's time we get what we've been waiting for all these years...

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What about the MOTD storyline?

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Answers? Anything in the story that needed to be answer or anything we want have answer is pointless now because of the fact that the story never happened.

However, zombies are real in Sammy and Eddy's's the characters that never existed, Group 935, Wonder weapons, all of the sub characters never existed,'s just a story. But in my one knows how or why there are zombies in their reality. (Sammy and Eddy's time)

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