DLC 4 needs to have WW in the new zombie map.

Black Ops II Wii-U

What weapons need to be in the DLC 4 zombie map? The shrinking gun from shangra la, thunder gun, gersch devices,QED from moon, wave gun from moon, winter's howl, the scavenger from call of the dead.  We just need every WW except  the jet gun and the v-r11. If anyone agrees reply.

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yup, all of them

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Forgot the WunderWaffe DG-2

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Gersch and thundergun and i would be happy

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You people and yer wanting of rehashed material....


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they should bring those weapons back and maybe they will who knows and hopefully dlc 4 will be as good as moon maybe better and the old dudes come back

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I think the new wonder weapon will be like an upgraded flamethrower from WW. this would ofc be a close range weapon also good with trains like the jet gun but doesn't break. Have a cool down effect  and im not sure how much ammo or durability to give it but something worth a WW but not OP ( Parts)

1. GAS CAN(small round ish)  2. BARREL 3. STOCK 4.Body but idk what its called but similar to the sliquifier

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