Did the buried EE last night...

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Looks like their might not be anything more to Tranzit now?  What do you think?  We got the card to return to that NAV table, but that's it.  I wonder if people will still be convinced Tranzit has more, or do you think this closes the door on that theory? 

Im hoping they add some things to each map, even just small things freshen up a map alot.

Hopefully they revamp the custom games and let us do ANYTHING we want.  Pick the perks, boss rounds, guns etc. Rounds don't save, so why does it matter?  Would make doing challenges a hell of a lot easier.  Especially if you could pick smaller sections of levels, kinda how Tranzit is split up, except with the other maps.

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I agree, the whole "more to tranzit" theory is looking awful right now. I myself spent countless hours trying to prove this theory and definitely will accept that I was probably wrong. Almost definitely wrong.

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Yeah. While there still is alot of unfinished stuff on tranzit like the moon off screen, the nav card was the main reason to think there was more. Buried kind of stole the card ending that alot of us thought would be on tranzit.  So there probably isn't anything left. Hopefully they add things to custom games when it's all over to freshhn up the maps.

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A dev (i think it was Reza) said that there was gonna be an endgame on Tranzit, but theyve lied before.

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oh yeah he did say that they really dont keep there promises do they

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I could see TreyArch ripping us off and releasing a 'Best of' map pack for DLC 4. There'd be all the fans expecting them to tie up all the loose ends with a new final map, and they'll probably go and do something like release the Black Ops maps to BO2

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