Die Rise, Buried or Mob of the dead?

Black Ops II Wii-U

I know this is a odd question but which map do you guys think is best to play I've heard alot of hate towards these maps recently Die Rise having PAP in elevators that can make PAP disspaear and the map is boring because its just destroyed buildings (which is true) I've heard hate towards Buried because it can be to easy and the bosses weren't that annoying ( only being witches.) And finally MOTD being hated on for being a big map and the zombies are harder to kill and the boss (Brutus) doesn't  make it any easier. I think each map is different in their own ways Die Rise is a destoyed city and you move throughout the destroyed buildings. Buried isn't as easy as people say it can be easy the witches are easy to avoid I think the hardest part about Buried is doing the easter egg many different steps, equipments and buildables throughout the map. MOTD is a big map and it can become difficult in many ways and Brutus doesn't make it easier but there've been worse bosses George from COTD, the Cosmonaut from Moon and a couple more. But what are your opinions on which map is best and why others are bad?

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I don't think any of these maps is bad, no one plays die rise anymore so I don't really recommend it, but it's fun on someways, buried is boring if you'd ask me, but I play it when I don't have anything to do, and there's some people that still play buried, MOTD is fun and challenging and you like always have something to do in it, but it might be boring for you, and there aren't that many players who play it so you'll have some difficulties trying to get a match.

I personally recommend you to buy origins, but if these maps are the only ones to choose from, I'll recommend you to pick MOTD, you'd hopefully like it.
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All depends on what you like for gameplay. I prefer Die Rise 90% of the time. Nuketown is an interesting one also with perks and PAP appearing randomly in any of a number of locations.



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