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Die Rise Map

So I hear Die Rise is in the map select screen? Does anyone here think this could mean anything? I sure hope so. I would love another Zombie map.

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Re: Die Rise Map

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I saw it too, it was in the leaderboards along with Turned Diner too! But Treyarch removed it soon after because Wii U.

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Re: Die Rise Map

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Probably a glitch...I REALLY don't mean to offend but do you guys really think we'll get the DLC packs for this game? Its two years old, and it'll definitely split the community- 2000 players playing?- If anything, if we get AW this year, we'll get that, or even Ghosts DLC. But I think its the same as it was with Free Fall- we got no other maps afterwards. The Die Rise thing is probably the same glitch that happened in Black Ops Wii. I think the forum vets will remember that zombie debacle.

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Re: Die Rise Map

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I'd say it's more like the Peacekeeper callsign glitch, but I would like to hope it isn't.

If it is, I hope it remains the same for me then like the Peacekeeper callsign. I love being able to tell people "Hey, I got Peacekeeper Mastery", and being able to display it too is a major plus. To this day there are people who freak out over me having it

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Re: Die Rise Map

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It is

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