Die Rise Zombie Sounds from the Sky?


Black Ops II Wii-U

The grumbling voice is Ricky... No doubt... In the intro scene, you hear it, Samuel says he can't understand then Ricky speaks more clearly... You can barely make out, "Accept your fate, begin anew," in the grumbling voice, then more clearly enunciated in Ricky's voice... I don't understand how there can be argument against the constant groaning being Ricky...

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 Er Essen untoten Flesch, er ist turning. English translation( He ate undead meat, he is turning...also due to him consuming the zombie meat, which contains high levels of 115, the infection has already begun to spread long before while he was with the flesh, which due to the intro to die rise he and richtofen are arguing and richtofen threatens to tell the others that he consumed human/zombie meat. Due to the length of time, I presume a few months to a year I am surprised he has not succumbed to the 115's control. So, it can be proven that most definitely it is his inner zombie, although richtofen seems alot more... Odd in his word choice and how he talks. The sounds are also only heard by "Stu" so it can't be richtofen, although they do seem to have their own conversations the others are only able to hear a more... Of a mumble sort of communication and then stulingers English. But I would like to know why richtofen seems to have this sort of, change in mind and vocabulary.

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it depends on the char, if you are the reporter then you will hear it, but if you are misty, the nerd or russman you wot hear the "voices"

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