Do you have to play TranZit to unlock the rest of the zombie maps that you can see ? If so could you please fill me in on how to do this ?

Black Ops II Wii-U

I'd like to play the other maps by them self's on survival, so please if you know how are have any idea's I'd be more than happy to hear them. I have a bluetooth and pretty decent at zombies not the most bad a@# but can hold up. So if you want help or a buddy you can hit me up on PS3 gamertag: jocabulary. Thank you for looking and advice.

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So far, there's no 'completion' of the TranZit zombie mode.

I think so far the only 'completion' there is to it, is to get the really skilled achievments like 'Tower of Babble' and making the buildable player size amazing gun.

(Which is by the way NOT a wonder weapon.)

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Whats the 4th map? When selecting the map there is green run transit, town greif and farm greif but there is a 4th map at the bottom left that i can't access?

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I'm not sure what the 4th map is that is what I'm trying to find out, I'm not worried about Tranzit being completed or anything because it's a big survival mode so of course it doesnt end ! lol. I heard that you have to go to a safe in tranzit and then get tokens and take them back to the bus to unlock the other maps..... Not to sure about that or if it's even right so that's what I'm looking for, please if you know speak up lol Hopefully me and you freekshow001 find this out.

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The map in the bottom left is the diner, but blacked out, and the power plant is also blacked out in the top right side of the screen, but other than that, I really have no clue how to unlock them. There must be a way...

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DLCs my friends ... DLCs everywhere ...

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Reach lv 20 on veteran difficulty in Tranzit

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therte not maps

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