Downloaded and installled Nuke Town Zombies, But can't find it in the menu. Help please PS3

Black Ops II Wii-U

ok i figured it out ps3 after that quick downlod you think your done but your not you have to go back in to playstation store and download the add-on from there hope this helped if not add me ill walk thorght it with you "ominie_u" with out the (")

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I ahv the same prob, but i bought nuketown zombies from the ps store and i cnt see it when i play zombies!?

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I bought the normal black ops 2 and the nuketown map code but how can I download the map on ps3 or activate my code ??

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This game owes me a few kills and I had one of my best game I ever played and got kick out cuz people like to get in front wen I shoot I hate that shyt I get boot ya got to fix that

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