Black Ops II Wii-U

WHY CANT I HAVE IT IN EASY!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like original. i like to play and have fun and i still want to be able to do all the fun things in zombies. i just want an update that will allow me to get the hells redeemer and the gold spork in easy. that is my only problem with black ops 2's zombies. if you fix that i would appreciate it very much.

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also me and all of my friends have been upset about this for a while now. i just recently got the idea for this. please change it so we can all love the game for how good it can really be.

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You would enjoy the game a lot more if you could handle yourself and do all these things playing original zombies, easy is just a waste of time.  Simple answer, get better at zombies.

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What's the difference between easy and original?

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In easy the zombies just move slower... At least that is all I seem to notice. I personally hate easy mode because it takes too long to gather up a horde unlike original. I don't see the point in taking the Hell's Redeemer out though; seems pointless actually.

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Wow. This is a Wii U game. Don’t be a *****
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MOTD has traps, the redeemer (kills 6 zombie forever) and the spork (33 insta kill)... How much easier do you need the map to be?

I am #5 on solo with a round 155... and actually I am #2 because the 2, 3 & 4 positions are glitchers.

Just run it legit kid...

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Round 155? Wow. How long did that take you?

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i agree this is like the fifth post u posted about ur leader board. where the fuck do you find the time to play for that long???? OP. theres nothing wrong with easy m8. i personally dont use it, but if thats what your happy with thats fine. but if they gave you the ee on top of the easy mode it wouldnt be easy then. they would have to rename it simple mode

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bigbengy666 wrote:

i agree this is like the fifth post u posted about ur leader board. where the **** do you find the time to play for that long????

There's always plenty of time when you don't have a .....

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