Black Ops II Wii-U

I was thinking the same thing. No matter what the topic is, it won't even be related to leaderboards, yet he still has always gotta throw in that he has a "WR" on the leaderboards. I agree he does need to get over himself. I just wanted to be civil and not call him out on his "doucheness". Glad someone agrees. Seems like the guy needs to go get laid or something.

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This guy always talking about his leaderboards. Get over yourself... and actually... get over yourself.

On topic: OP, you're a scrub.

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Why do you need to play on easy to get the redeemer? Just play on original and work on getting it early on, and save one or two walkers. Easy only makes the zombies slower in the earlier rounds, after about round 20-25 there isn't much difference between easy and original. Only time I ever play easy is to build up points for the bank. If you can't get the redeemer on original you just need to up your skill level. Honestly, if easy mode made the zombies take less damage I could see the point, but it doesn't, they are just slower.

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Easy sucks, whenever I play met my friend in a custom game and he puts it on easy without telling. As soon as the game starts and I find out, I just leave..

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There's are reason that you can't obtain certain items on easy mode while playing Z's, just the same reason that you cannot complete EE's, it's already WAY TOO EASY!!! 

You will only get better if you challenge yourself.  I've been playing tons of grief lately, it's been easy mode, games ending in round 2, 3, 4, hardly ever get past round 10.  When we finally get another group in our lobby that is ranked knife or above, we know it will be a challenge and don't back down.  That is what all the practice is about, those all star match ups where only the best will survive and win. 

There is no challenge with playing z's on easy mode and you'll never really improve your skills unless you stop handicapping yourself. 

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