EE hunters Origins

Black Ops II Wii-U

Need players that want to figure out the EE for Origins has to have a mic and cannot be a squeaker add me on xbox GT: B3an3rb0y97 ill be ready at 6 ready to play (download speed about an hour for dlc)

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Yea I'm tryin to do the same..except I wana do this one without the help of youtube

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Activate the 6 generator for the first step. Glad i could help ya all I'm ps3 so i'll get spoiled the EE way before i can freaking have a chance to play the map, guess i'll spoil the first step

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hour for DLC, wow , last DLC i took about 5 mins....start down load and set settings to down load when xbox off and it goes 100% faster

zombnuts for EE and playing.

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I'm looking to do he same just add me now or ill add you when I get on traphousec3o

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