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Going to be on today, if anyone wants to help with Maxis side. GT beerasaurous xbox

please have an idea of the steps, so we can do them quicklySmiley Happy i really want to help out on the next step if there is one.

The BIGGEST problem is and probably for a lot of people is finding people, to help them do this easter egg.

If people do not help others do the easter egg, its unlikley people will find something by accident or pure luck

This limits us because you need 4 players that know what they are doing and also is a requirement to complete the easter egg. This Makes it so hard for some randoms or even someone who explores the map regularly to help. I would have expected much help on this forum, but even I am ready to give up because I cant even find 3 other people. Trying to put together a lobby is nearly impossible as well, much troll. So  I say to you, that want to solve this, we wont get anywhere because people cant even get the original easter egg part done.



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Re: Easter Egg marathon

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Hello, I am looking for people to do EEs from Tranzit and Die Rise. I would prefer it to be Richtofen's side as that is the one I've done on Buried. But if someone prefers Maxis' side I am fine with that too.

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