Easter Eggs (ALL COD)

Black Ops II Wii-U

Does anyone have a list of All the zombie Easter Eggs?

Starting at WAW if any through Black Ops 2?

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Im in if it's xbox add me DALLAIRE1998

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hey dal,i sent you a friend request its durnis jaley,accept if you wana play yo.

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There are no Easter Eggs in WaW (unless you count the Fly Trap in Der Riese but if you have the achievement than why bother again?) Also Ascension doesn't really give that good a reward, 90 seconds of Death Machine (still okay) Call of the Dead is just an achievement and the Wunderwaffe DG-2 that's a power up which will disappear if you run out of ammo, though you can regain the ammo back with max ammo but you won't be able to switch weapons. Also once it's gone you have to kill George in order to get it again. Shangri-La only one person gets the Focusing Stone (which will grant him/her all perks permanently until the game ends, but if other players have the Focusing Stone then they will get it too). Moon, only Richtofen will get all 4 perks but if one person has done both Call of the Dead and Shangri-La then you can do the second part and have the other 3 get all perma-perks. Tranzit from what other people say is that you just get achievements and that's about it. Mob and Origins will end the game (though there are two endings in Mob and a cut scene in Origins). Die Rise you'll get all the perks but if you get down then you'll lose them (defeats the point of doing that hard work if you ask me) Buried is the same exact thing as Moon if but you did all the Easter Eggs with the Green Run Group (Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried) though this is Richtofen's side where he'll give you all perks (available in Buried) and he'll allow you to have 4 guns instead of 2 (or 3 with Mule Kick), and if you did Maxis' side he'll just tell you that he was fucking you over all this time and will destroy the world just to get to Samantha cause he thinks that Samantha is in Agartha. Though the reward is that all the zombies will be the color yellow except for one who is Richtofen (Depicted as blue) in which once you kill that zombie (he'll spawn at times) you'll get Max Ammo (shitty reward if you ask me but that's what you get for doing the easy side of the Easter Eggs [Maxis] instead of the hard side [Richtofen] you lazy fucks!). That's all the Easter Eggs but if you have an Xbox I'd be willing to help you just send a message to me (Gamertag is the same as my name here) and I'll see if I can help (though if it's most likely Richtofen's side as he gives the better reward) okay?

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