Easter egg step by step discriptions(Maxis and Richtofen)

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Easter egg step by step discriptions(Maxis and Ric...

Well we can start off with TranZit as I will eventually add the other easter eggs, obviously these easter eggs are not too much of a challenge anymore thanks to the addition of the banks on Die rise and Buried. But putting that to one side.


First off is the Maxis side of the TranZit easter egg, this is not as hard as Richtofen's side but requires good timing at one point.

1. Build the obelisk table.

It is not neccessary but is for people expecting to press the button in Buried, all navcards on all maps must be inserted, except Origins and Mob of the Dead.

2. Turn on the power THEN turn it off

This is to start Maxis's side, this MUST be done. You cannot simply leave the power off from the start.

3. Kill the Avagadro under the Obelisk tower.

This is located in the cornfields, it is the pylon the usually has flashing red lights on it when power is on. Now this is when things start to get that bit tricky and as stated, good timing is needed for this. The lightening that was released from the power station will circle the map randomly, unfortunatly the obelisk tower is a location in which it isn't common to go to. But once it is at the tower, kill the final zombie of that round and hope that the Avagadro spawns near you, sometimes he can spawn near Nacht der Untoten(the prototype) so it will take a while for him to get to you. There is not a 100% he will spawn but if he does, be ready. Turbines are needed at this point. Once he is in range of the tower, put down 2 turbines near a pylon leg, one at each leg, if on 4 player all 4 turbines need to be put down at all 4 pylon legs. Then wait for the Avagadro to be directly under the tower, he will try and kill you but this is where the player with EMP'S needs to have timing right, when the Avagadro is in human form as he is about to shoot you, he needs to be EMP'd, not in his electro-ball form. Maxis well tell you if you have done it by saying "well done, but yet we need more energy". If he does not say this then you need to re-do the step again.

4. Place turbines under 2 lamposts. (If on 4 player, 2 turbines must be next to pylon and another 2 under lamposts)

This is a simple  step, the turbines do not need to be put down at the same time, once this step is completed, Maxis will say "the circumference system is now complete". You will get the Tower of Babble achievement and an orange tower for that map.


That's Maxis sorted out but now Richtofen's side, this costs a little money, well actually a lot.

1. Build the obelisk table.

Again this is optional if you are not wanting to press the button on Buried.

2. Turn on the power( AND KEEP IT ON)

This is not Maxis's side, you must keep the power on at all times! Do not turn it off at any point!

3.Build the Jet gun

It would take too long to type its full name so It's jet gun for short, there are 4 parts needed for this.

The meters are located at the Hunters cabin on the road from the power station to town. On the right side.

The handle is located at the Prototype oposite the Obelisk tower.

Wires are located in the power station near the large pit of lava.

Jet gun body is located in the tunnel leading to the Diner.

All parts have 3 spawn areas in their building, they are not hard to find.

4. Shoot all Jet gun energy at the obelisk tower.

To do this, you must be stood directly under the tower to do this. Shoot it either straight up or at a pylon leg until the jet gun explodes.

If is has worked all lamposts around the map should be flickering with energy as if they are very overpowered.

5. Kill zombies with EXPLOSIVE weapons.

A ray gun or ray gun mark 2 can be used for this, or grenades. Any weapon the has explosive effects. Ray gun mark 2 surprisingly does work even though it is not explosive. You must kill the zombies under the obelisk tower only until Richtofen says "what is wrong, now there is too much power enetering the obelisk, you must reduce the incoming power by a factor of 4".

6. EMP 4 lamposts.

Every player needs EMP's if doing 4 player but if you are doing this 2 player then it is slightly harder. I'll start off with 4 player, you must each make a teleporter under the lampost your stood under using a denizen. When everybody has a teleporter then you can all EMP the lamposts at the same time. Once completed Richtofen will come out with a quote and the tower will glow blue.  Now for 2 players. Obviously you both need EMP's, you need to stand under a lampost each and make a teleporter. Quickly EMP's the lamposts your stood at then jump into the teleporter and EMP the ones you teleport to, if you happen to teleport to the same one which is extremely rare then you may have to re-do the step.

But that's it, both sides to the TranZit easter egg typed up here. I will eventually put up all other easter eggs like this one, a step by step discription.

I do easter eggs on xbox live: Gamertag: xX Sh4doWkillZ


I will post the other easter eggs seperatly on the zombies forum, same as this.

If you have any issues then leave a comment. An update changed the Maxis side for both TranZit and Die rise, more significantly Die rise, so this is a updated post, just follow all the steps shown and you will be fine. Die rise will be posted at some point. The other maps will follow.

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