Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

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Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

Like I said on my TranZit easter egg post, I would do Die Rise as well, but as a pre-warning, the Maxis side was altered a little so some steps are not as easy anymore. I'll start off with the Maxis side then will go over Richtofen's side.

Die Rise easter egg (Maxis)

For this easter egg, you must do everything stated below or the easter egg will glitch out, trust me. Me and my other clan members all know what happens. But before you do the first steps of the easter egg, GET THE BALLISTIC KNIVES AND PACK A PUCH THEM! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE TO DO WITH THIS EASTER EGG YET!

Optional: Build the Navcard table

This is not 100% neccessary but is needed for anybody wanting to press the button on Buried!

1. All 4 players must stand on the 4 symbol elevators

This requires good timing if you want it done correctly, there are 4 elevators each with a gold symbol on them. 2 of which are located on the rooftop whilst the other 2 are on the spawn building. Without getting crushed, each player must stand on the elevators and they should light up bright gold, it can be frustrating when the elevators keep going up and down but you will be able to do it.

2. Activate 4 symbols on the floor in order

Now this step mistakes people for the elevator symbols, but there are 4 symbols exactly the same around the map on the FLOOR. This is not like the first step, you must trigger them in order. The order varies! Or in simple words, the order changes every game so I cannot give you any kind of order. This is a "trial and error" step so players must try out different combinations until they get it right. Like the elevator symbols, they will glow gold if correctly ordered. The locations of  the symbols are these:

Inside the restaurant, this is near the SVU wall-buy. The symbol is clearly shown on the floor, have a player stay at it's location.

On the top floor just outside the spawn room, in front of quick revive elevator, then have another player stay there. (NOT the zombie symbol)

Next to semtex wall-buy, do not mistake it for the zombie symbol also in that area.

Next to showers/bank, it is outside just above the AK 74U.

Once you have found out what the code is, then you can continue the easter egg.

3. Use any kind of sniper to shoot spheres out of the dragons.

Any kind of sniper rifle can be used for this! Simply shoot the small metal spheres out of the dragons and fireworks should go off. The spheres will then appear in the lion statues located in the spawn room, leave them alone for now!

4. Kill zombies in the buddha themed room at the bottom of the fallen skyscraper.

A ray gun is useful for this, or an SVU. Juggernog is also a very good perk to have at this time. Train up large groups of zombies and kill them in front of the buddha statues, Maxis will tell you to keep going as soon as you kill the first zombie in that room, once you have done the step Maxis will speak to you again.

5. Shoot 1 ballistic knife at the buddha statue.

You may notice the buddha has a hole shape in his hand, you must shoot the knife around that area, do not shoot the one further up the wall on the balcony, it does not count as a statue. Once you have shot it correctly, Maxis will start telling you what needs to be done next. If he does not speak however then it has glitched out or you have incorrectly done a previous step, if this happens then you must restart the easter egg in another game.

6. Place down trample steams on the 4 lion symbols.

The locations of these symbols or here:

Inside the shop just under the spawn room, place the trample steam so it is facing EXACTLY where the lion is facing.

Inside the spawn room, again put the trample steam down correctly!

On the rooftop, it next to the room in which the mystery box can move to.

In front of the two elevators on the rooftop.

Maxis should speak everytime you put a trample steam down correctly, you may also notice that the 2 trample steams on each building face each other. The 2 spheres must be put on a trample steam, I reccommend doing the ones on the spawn building. At this time only must the spheres be picked up, no other time. Once the step is complete, Maxis's dragon will shoot out a large energy ball towards the spire (radio tower).

7. Hit the tower legs in a specific order with the galvaknuckles.

Now this the step were a lot of description is going to be used, first off is get galvaknuckles as you should not have them any earlier due to the easter egg altering. Getting galvaknuckels any earlier will cause the easter egg to glitch out on step 5.

Now it is a complicated step if you don't know some chinese symbols and what they mean, do a bit a research. Around the map is 8 mahjong tiles, their locations widely vary so I cannot put them up here, but this is the way they work:

On the tower is a mahjong tile that will ALWAYS be there, this tile also will ALWAYS be "North", this tile shows that the tower leg it is in front of is the north leg of the tower, now if you know your compass bearings properly then this should be a piece of cake.

The tiles are all coloured, Green, Blue, Red, Black. There are 2 tiles that are a certain colour, these are matched tiles so really you need to find out yourself what they mean, or you could send friend request to xX Sh4doWkillZ on xbox live if you want to know fully as typing it all up would take literally forever. But once you do know or you already know, then you simply need to work out which tower legs you need to hit. The colours and symbols change every game except the "North" tile, that will stay on the tower but does change colour.

Once the step is complete you have done the easter egg and the tower will light up orange indicating you have completed Maxis, all players will also get all 6 perks. PHD Flopper unfortunatly is not included, you can thank treyarch for that. The "High Maintenance" acheivement will be given to all players assuming you have not already done the easter egg anyway.

But now Maxis is finished, time for Richtofen??? I'll go onto that another time, or you could message me if you want to know earlier, simple as that.

I'll go onto Richtofen some other time, as for now either message me or add me.

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Re: Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

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I Saw a couple things not accurate with your tranzit post but I chose not to bring them up as they would not effect the EE you said all 4 people needed to place turbines down before you kill the avagodro , its fact that you only need 2 but it wouldn't matter to have the extra 2 turbines . ToB last step needs 4 turbines  running at the same time you wrote they didnt have to be placed( Running) at the same time but they do or the trophy wont pop but in this post you say building the nav card table is optional and that is  incorrect try to do the first elevator step without it built and you will see you can't activate the symbols on the elevators without the nav card reader!! i stopped reading at that point, also why make these threads months late? there were a lot of guides made months ago for everything your covering that are more accurate. Im not trying to be an A$$, I know you took the time and effort to type everything out but  your very late with these guides

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Re: Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

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I'll change them sometime, but surprisingly enough after making a Maxis side TranZit vid on COD TV, a lot of people watched it and liked it, were talking nearly 30.000 people. I was certainly not expecting that, then i decided to make a vid for die rise Maxis side, same thing got a heck ton of views and likes. I tried doing richtofen but bearly got 100 views. When it comes to die rise, not many people know the Maxis side and people were sending me friend requests nearly everyday for a week, I'm still after about 2 months of easter eggs, still doing them with people. I'm not benefitting from it but it does please me when people get dead excited about their new achievement, don't blame them. It is late to be putting these giudes up, but even now people are looking at them and liking them, I'm just doing it for the groups of easter egg hunters out there who are still yet to do these easter eggs.

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Re: Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

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First off, I read your guide for the maxis side of TOB, and now this one for HM. Good job ( mostly), I Have always liked to see other players helping others instead of being asses.

SO based on that alone, let me help you save a little time. During the maxis side of ToB, you only need to place the two turbines down at the lamp posts, lure the fry guy out under the pylon, and emp him. No turbines needed under the pylon if the turbines are already placed at the lamp posts. It's a short cut. ( I have not done the TOB in over a month, so maybe patched) but a quick Way to get the trophy without really compromising the integrithe of the mission itself.

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Re: Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

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There is a way to short cut Richtofens HM as well. At the part when everyone needs to place down the jumpers to fling zombies at the tower, not all jumpers need to be placed. Only one needs to fling around 6 zombies that hit the tower. After that keep a zombie at the end the rd, go place the rest of the jumpers down, and you will get the quote. Punch the legs and you're done.

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