Evaluation Essay Assignment

Black Ops II Wii-U

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Origins- Zombie Mode

            Once again the world is at a loss against the darkness of evil. Zombie Hunters is what they are called. Tank Dempsey, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki, four of the worlds most sought out soldiers were summoned once again to save the world from a zombie apocalyptic epidemic, but his time their packing major heat. With the help of the Elemental Staffs (fire, ice, wind, and lightening) there is nothing that can stop them, or is there? The challenges in this game are disturbingly difficult adding new enemies that are bigger, faster, and twice as difficult to kill. From the moment I started playing Call of Duty: Origins, I was instantly in awe by the opening credits of the storyline and not to mention, addicted. There are several unique “Easter Egg Hunts” (hidden challenges that unlock special powers or extra perks) in this game along with the amusing cast from the original Call of Duty, World at War. The best part of this map is not only is it bigger than the rest, but it connects the last three Treyarch COD titles together. If you’re an avid COD zombie gamer, then you would appreciate the story line making sense. The makers of this game have made it very difficult to complete the objectives that are given in the game. When I first started playing, I found myself dying after the third round and I’m not one to “toot my own horn,” but, I’m pretty darn good at video games.

            I was really excited to hear that Treyarch was bringing  Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen and Takeo back to the COD zombie series. Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo are the best military soldiers in the world and are hungry for souls, killing zombies for their own personal sick pleasure. Richtofen, a mad scientist and also part of the blame for the world going to hell, is the only genius left alive with the brains to put an end to the chaos that he has helped create on earth. There are several new smart aleck remarks each character says when actively playing and if you listen closely, you’ll hear hints to unlock other secrets and perks that may help on your journey throughout the game. In the original COD World at War game, the map was small, and the characters repeated the same commentaries consecutively. I found myself going in circles most of the time and not getting anywhere. The Origins map will not leave you unsatisfied weather you are able to conquer the game or not.

            Aside from your basic wonder weapons like the Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, and Paralyzer in previous COD maps, the added weaponry in this game is amazing. The Elemental Staffs are buildable staffs that were left by the ancients thousands of years ago and are insanely powerful when assembled and upgraded. Once again, the minds at Treyarch did not make it simple to possess such weapons. There are several steps as to when, where, and how you assemble these wonder weapons. For example, some of the staffs require entering the inside of a one thousand foot robot by shooting open the bottom of its foot in order to retrieve one of the parts to the staffs. Yes, in order to build the staffs one must collect each part by in threes followed by entering a parallel universe called “The Crazy Place” to retrieve the final piece of the staffs. The previous COD maps can’t compare to Origins when it comes to weaponry, freedom to roam, and Easter egg hunts.

            The subject of storytelling is simply on another level when it comes to COD Origins. I was truly impressed at the fact that Treyarch was able to take such an old consistent sold story line from the 1940s’ and was capable of refreshing such a timeworn genre all over again. Behind every evolving character lies a story of where they come from and who they are and what brought them to where they are now in the apocalyptic horror. Four men from different regions of the world to save the planet against never ending zombies and one thousand foot robots sounds like a story I’d like to hear on any given day.

            With the wonder weapons at my fingertips, zombies in site, and the hunters by my side, the joyride of killing waves of zombies will never get tiring. In the end, after playing all of the COD maps and games, I am confident saying that Origins is my map of choice until something better comes along. I have and always will be a Call of Duty zombie fanatic and no matter how many times I press the power button on my console, this game never seems to get old.

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fantastic read my friend

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Evaluation Essay Assignment?

Is this really an assignment you want an evaluation on before you use it?

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My apologies. This was an assignment for my Composing Arguments class in school. I was to write about something that I know about (video games), use the object, evaluate it, and post it somewhere on the internet. We send the link to our professor and he/she gives us a grade on it. Naturally, I chose COD Origins because its a map that I never get tired of playing and the Elemental Staffs are bad ass!

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It's great! Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

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