Fastest Way to Get the Hells Retriever - Round 2

Black Ops II Wii-U

This is the fastest way to get to the hells retriever, on the 2nd round. 

- Feed 5 zombies from the first room to the dog upstairs, don't shot the last zombie

- Go to the showers and turn on the washer to release 20 more zombies

- Get the 2x that is in the cell locked by the volt meter and knife only 8 zombies, don't shot them even if u get a max ammo (the more you shot the higher your chances of getting a nuke)

- Go to the infirmary through the cafe and knife 6 zombies to finish feeding the dog

- Open the door worth 1k points on the top of the infirmary that leads to electric cherry and the gondola

- Go to the docks via the gondola and feed the last 6 zombies to that dog (you might get a nuke so finish feeding the dog on round 2)

- Go back up the gondola, make your first right and drop down and open the other 2x that is locked in the cell

- Now you can shoot 8 times and knife until you reach 1,500 points to open the door by the warden's office to the catacombs.

- Enjoy your hells retriever on round 2

Here is the video which might help you out better.  This is the fastest and can't be done any quicker.

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Great strategy, thanks for sharing! I take it this is for solo only?

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Haha good stuff but I always get a nuke around the 7th zombie no matter what.

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shooting has nothing to do with getting power ups or not...and the second cell has a random powerup. not just 2x

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i didn't say it was 100% full-proof, i said i noticed that shooting the zombies increases your chances based off trail and error on 100 zombie matches, and based on those 100 matches the 2x was in the second cell every time

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On multi it is insta-kill, on solo it is double.

Always and forever until you take it and it respawns for some reason.

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Tried this a couple of times, was able to get the plane built on round 1 with a crawler to spare.

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could you please explain what you did, you need 10,500 points to unlock everything and you only get 26 zombies.  The maximum you get on the first 5 is 2,600 (8 shots + 130 stab = 210*2 = 420*5 = 2,600).  Maximizing the points by stabbing all 20 out of the washer keeping the starting zombie is 5,200  (130*2=260*20 = 5,200).  Even if you shot some of the zombies during the 2x how r u going to make up the difference (10,500-7,800 = 2,700).  If you get 20 points per shot during the 2x that means you would have to shot 7 times per zombies for all 20 zombies (2,700/(20*7) = 19 zombies).  I would really like to know how you did it

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and you also need more then 3 afterlifes

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Try watching the video... explains it well

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