Full Zombie Storyline... Black Ops?

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Full Zombie Storyline... Black Ops?

I'v recently just become a COD fan and i enjoy Zombies and that's what i mostly play it for, also i'm interested in the storyline! How zombies started? I'v searched online and people just say it's too long to explain and that the scientist with the weird name has a daughter samantha who gives up her life to bring her father alive or something ... ? No idea but if anyone has got time care to tell me the story fully? Or if not where can i read about it? Thanks

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Re: Full Zombie Storyline... Black Ops?

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here is another thread with the same Q.


and here is the short answer

          • Easter Egg There was a group Organization Known As Group 935, It was a group of Scientist From Germany, and a few other countries. 935 was made for the advancment of Weapons and Technology during World War II. Group 935 was lead by lead Scientist Dr.Ludvig Maxis. He Lived at "The Giant" Facility Also Known As Der Riese With His Daughter Samantha Maxis, aswell as with all the other scientist in 935. Dr.Maxis had a assistant named Dr.Edward Richtofen, who was Maxis's Right hand man in 935. The Group began collecting this "Material" From Metors and Various Area's around the world where Metors have fallen, Including in Japan,America, and ofcourse Germany. The Material they gained was known as Element 115, Also known in OUR world as Unuppetinium. They Began Testing with Element 115 and live test subjects, trying to create a "Invincible" Army For Germany to use to win World War II. Many of the Subjects died upon testing, Dr.Richtofen Had a Siberian Test Facility he went to with 3 Test Subjects that had Survived Testing, A Russian who only responded from Vodka, A man from Japan saying Jap Proverbs, and a Mexican Subject who later died. At Der Riese Dr.Maxis and Richtofen began using Element 115 to create new ways of moving around the battlefield and began creating Teleporters. Maxis Couldn't get them to work, and was working on them as a side project. As Richtofen and another Docter in 935 Dr.Shuster were testing the teleporters behind Maxis's back, as Richtofen began doing many tests behind Richtofen's back.Richtofen had became furious with Maxis as his other assistant Sophia was distracting Maxis and making him unfocused on the teleporters and other Projects. But anyways Richtofen and Shuster made the first successful teleport, as they used a small amount of Element 115 to teleport a walnut. Richtofen then Told Shuster to allow Richtofen to be the first Human Test Subject. And when Richtofen Teleported he was in a dark room, with what was "alien" hieroglyphics on the walls, aswell on this Pyramid found in the middle of the room. Richtofen went to touch it as it was pure static electricity. Soon he then teleported to a jungle, as they villagers came and praised Richtofen as a god. And he later returned in what was multiple days in Der Riese, right when Dr.Shuster was discussing trashing the teleporter project. And Richtofen looking and sounding Crazy told Shuster "There is work to be done" Maxis later found out about these keeping them a secrete. At Der Riese 935 managed to make these "Wonder" Weapons. The Ray Gun which blue prints were found at the sunrise facility, and Richtofen Created the Wunder Waffe DG-2 and the Monkey Bombs. Maxis promised Richtofen to mass produce the DG-2 but as funds were getting low, and Maxis being distracted by sophia, it didnt happen making Richtofen furious. And One Night Maxis and Richtofen were testing Maxis's Teleporter Plans and used Maxis's daughter Samantha's dog "Fluffy" and after the teleport the dog came out burned, with flesh coming out of its sides and on fire.  Samantha walked in and began yelling at her father, she ran up to fluffy, but Maxis ran up and grabed her. Little did they know Richtofen had this planned. As he went and closed the doors on the teleporter leaving Maxis,Sam, and the Hell Hound. They screamed for help, as Richtofen sat there laughing and teleported them.  Secretly a group of 935 Scientist along with Richtofen were working at the MPD(pyramid) on the Moon,and was a group known as the illuminati. They had built Griffin Station, but as the events with the hellhound happened in Der Riese, Samantha teleported to Griffin Station, and ran inside of the Pyramid, isolating herself, and being locked inside. Shuster called Richtofen telling him the events, and later Maxis appeared on Moon, as he told samantha to "Kill Them All" as they then shot Dr.Maxis. Samantha then became angry and began using the undead to go after the remains of 935.Richtofen then retreated with his 2 living test subjects to Shi No Numa, aswell as a American Test Subject they retrieved from Verruckt, when they found and captured Harvey Yenna, and Peter McCaine.  After They Retrived the Blue Prints to the Wunder Waffe and other tech they then retreated and tried to take back over the Group 935 Facility Der Riese. They then went to use the teleporter powering it by the Wunder Waffe, but the Waffe overloaded and broke, and the teleporter then began time travel instead of teleportation. And they were at a unknown time in a abandoned German Theater that 935 was gonna use to show off the teleporter.  They used the teleporter to go to Russia. Where they found Dr.Gersh who was being tortured by Samantha. They there had the tech they recived from Kino the Thunder Gun, aswell as new tech from Ascension the Gersh Device. After that they built a teleporter in Ascension then going into a storage room in a 935 Ship that was shipping teleporters.(Call of The Dead) and where Richtofen was given the Vrill Device or the Golden Rod. And as the survivors helped them reboot the teleporter they teleported to Shangri La. A Area that Richtofen was known to, and had his name as he was the villagers "god"  They worked to get a 115 Metor, and at this time the brainwashing was wearing off on Takeo. As they then went to Area 51 to teleport to Griffin Station. Where Richtofen used all the tech he recived from the past areas to complete his plan he started when he found the Pyramid. He then switched bodies with Samantha putting Richtofen in control, and then Dr.Maxis's spirit was in the aether, and blew nukes/rockets up in the earth. Where I think the storyline will go is, with Richtofen's side of the "Tower of Babble" EE on TranZit I think he is trying to take advantage of the survivors to get him more Power, and with Maxis's side, he is telling them all what he has done, trying to keep them from helping Richtofen.

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