Game Lobby Trouble

Black Ops II Wii-U

Game Lobby Trouble

Lately I'm having trouble joining MP matches. It drops me alone into a lobby and nobody joins. It searches for games but nothing and nobody joins. What is the trouble? Thanks.

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Re: Game Lobby Trouble

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First thing is, how many games does it say are available? Would look like "trying 2/12 or 2 of 12".

Second thing is how's the old internet connection? The game puts you with same suited players. (stats and connection)

If your connection is bad then you would have a hard time finding matches. Also make sure you are on the latest update.

And are you able to join other players? (your allies) Or does it not allow you to do that either?

I have had this happen to me once or twice. I just back out and try again sometimes takes a couple of times then it puts me in a match. I know a ton of gametypes just sit there empty. Even worse on ghosts. (empty lobbies) I tried to play hunted on ghosts and there is never anyone in there. I just wanted to try out all the game types but never can find anyone in there.

Kinda like some of the types on black ops 2. I wanna try them all but some of them never seem to have anyone in them.

If you are having trouble with this still and need someone to join just add me (schitzotm) and you can join on me. Then you can see if it's just a glitch or if you are having actual problems. Anyway I hope you figured out what's wrong by now since this is a month old.

Hmm maybe I could use this forum to get some players to play the game types I'd really like to try out.

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