Getting custom zombies setup

Black Ops II Wii-U

What is your timezone again mate. Eastern is 5 hours ahead, so 10pm is like 3am for us. lol

Been missing you online mate. You ain't on much. Bored to f*ck with MotD!!

Down for some BO1 from now until DLC 3 drops??? Ha...

I'm serious though.

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I'm down lol

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Yeah man ive been working a ton and am joing the army before to long so ive been busy with that. And yeah im in eastern lol. Tomorrow i may be able to get on during the day for awhile and then late at night. But ill be around sunday so we can play then for sure. And lol i was bored with MOTD as soon as we did the easter egg turned out to be a very hollow map

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get zebba farms but yeah its almost 22:00 already and i cant stay really that much past 00:00 UK time.

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Ill be on sunday so can play black ops 1 or customs. If we play custom ill see if scoop wants to join

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