Ghost Game (something to do until Origins)

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Ghost Game (something to do until Origins)

       I've seen people getting bored now until Origins comes out and I would like to suggest a game for you guys to play. It's called Ghost. How cliche right well you will get the hint of why I called it that in a minute.

The rules are and it can vary depending on what rules you establish in pre-game lobby before the game starts.

Map: Buried

You and every player will have to make it to round 10 without any weapon (that is buyable), using just the pistol, knife and Phd Flopper Perma Perk. (look up how to get Phd if you don't know how although if you're bored of the game I would assume you already know).

You can get the chalk and place it on the walls but do not grab the weapon.

At the end of the rounds "within the 10 rounds" each player must use their points up much as they can(only on the things allowed).

Within the ten rounds you can buy Doors,booze,candy, and this is a must Someone will need to get the time bomb out of the box. So plan accordingly. If someone doesn't get the time bomb you will have to continue playing with the same rules within the "10 round rules" until it's been obtained. Once someone get's the time bomb that player will have to place it down on round ten or higher only if no one has it yet.

The time bomb is down now

It can vary in the difficulty and this needs to be chosen before the game starts so everyone knows.


you can go the bank , turn power on, buy perks, PaP, whatever you like.


Each Player can go to the bank,turn power on,buy perks, PaP , whatever you like but under the exception that no one can buy any more doors now. Meaning that you can only play within the area that has been opened in the ten rounds before the time bomb was placed down.


You cannot go to the bank and buy anymore doors. You can turn power on, buy perks,PaP.

Using the time bomb

This will have to be discussed in pre-game lobby of what round to use it at. Mainly it should be at a difficult level that everyone can agree on. For an Example the round can be Round 27.

The Player with the time bomb will use it at the end of the round to go back. This is when you Ghost your previous time frame so you will have to record/write down the stats to compare. 

The winner

The one that beats their Ghost time frame the most wins.

Please add your thoughts?

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