Has anyone noticed any pattern to the traffic light Orbs?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Has anyone noticed any pattern to the traffic ligh...

I have another thread where I was trying to organize as much about the Orbs as possible and I've spent alot of time trying to retrace my own steps when I get one, but so far nothing. I've only had three traffic orbs and nothing on the pylon. All three were in solo, which is how I kind of want to get them because other players in the game might cause the orbs. I figure in solo I can find the exact thing special about what I did that game or a previous game.

My first orb was a red one on the bank side traffic light. It was the very next game after I did Maxis side. Then I got nothing for a while. So I thought the game after TOB might be important. So I did Richs side. Then nothing. Then a few days later, I got a blue orb church side light as Marlton. I retraced everything I could think of I did as Marlton. I rewatched the orb game a few times. The only thing that was special about that game is that it was the first game that I had blue eyes on my skull since I finished Richs side. So now I was thinking maybe the first game after ToB with blue eyes might be important. So I've started saving up to get my eyes again and I want to redo Maxis side. Then out of nowhere yesterday, I get a blue one bank side as Misty. No blue eyes no ToB and I'm solo. So i retraced my steps a couple of times as Misty, and still I get nothing.

I know other people have seen them without blue eyes and without ToB. but I never wanted to rule anything out. Maybe other players had blue eyes or ToB done in a previous game and that was why they were getting the orb in a public match. Maybe each orb has a different set of steps to do, like one might require blue eyes and others might not. I haven't seen the same orb yet, so I can't compare two specific games completely. But this last orb has me completely puzzled. Nothing special in the previous game and I did almost everything I think to be important over.

So has anyone found any kind of pattern or way to get an orb to appear? I am completely lost.

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