Highest round on TranZit???

Black Ops II Wii-U

It will be fun to hear different players experiences!

TranZit ONLY!

Highest level:

Number of players:


Most used weapon:


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Highest level: 30

Number of players: 4

Kills: 2666 (carried the team through 3 late rounds)

Most used weapon: Upgraded shotgun from farm and upgraded executioner

Strategy: We all split up. We were team players, no one quit if they died. One player at tunnel, one at diner, one power, and me at the farm. If you go down, you stay down. We figured our best chance at survival was split up. We actually deposited our money in the bank at 30 and willingly died, it was 5am.

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round 32 <5 am suicide>

4 player

kills: 2300

headshots: 1100

Weapons: Mustang and sally, skullcrusher

2 in tunnel with same weapons for upgraded M16 ammo

2 at dinner with upgraded MP5

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I got round 56 back in 2014 in a squad

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Highest level: 39

Number of players: 3

Kills: 3093

Headshots: 2249

Weapons: Mp5 upgraded and Voice of Justice

Strategy: 2 players ran at the diner side by side, other ran at power. We always kept a teleporter open in case of emergencies. Like many over people have said, we killed ourselves. It was 5:30 my time, and 2:00 my other friends time, and he had to work the next day; our original intent was not a record.

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Highest Level: 51

Players: 2

Kills: 3815

Headshots: 2332

Weapons: Skullcrusher, Ray Gun

Strategy: 2 players both running in the tunnel. Game lagged and got downed

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