How Come Mod Tools Were Never Released For Black Ops 1?

Black Ops II Wii-U

I remember watching a video back in the day where some guy said that Treyarch was gonna release them but it never happened how come?

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If I recall it's because they didn't have the time to update the community version of Radiant.

But that's just what I read on the BO[1] zombie forums a few years back. I do remember something about not having the time being said by some authoritative figure at the time though.

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more than likely its because 3arch would become absolutely embarrassed by the custom map makers and they already look bad enough now.

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Probably I mean they announced it then all of a sudden nope we can't Black Ops 1 custom maps would have been great so much more could have been done then the WAW maps can do most likely.

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im pretty sure mod tools were released, but radiant wasnt, yeah theyd get embarrased by custom maps

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This is usually the case, in Trails evolution, Little big planet (and Karting) as well as the PC gamers who played morrowind and Oblivion (probably skyrim too) ALL have better, more intesting types of play compared to the original games.

This is not a bad thing, I will still buy your game (and probably your map packs) just so I can spend days upon weeks perfecting a map. Ever since dark cloud for playstaion I have liked moving things around and making a piece of the game feel like my own.

I would own the $*!t out of a map editor for black ops, I've been on console the whole time so I am pretty envious of any pc player with unlimited maps to play.

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It is an envious thing, but looking back they are pretty restricted it seems, and not alot of time is spent on them.  Some of them are REALLY well done, and I imagine its more of an ego thing for Treyarch. 

The WAW maps look dated and just, well dated.  I've thought long and hard about going that route but I never saw enough maps with enough to keep my entertained.  I could be wrong.  But I prefer my BO1 and BO2 maps to any WaW map I have seen.

But if they had done it with BO1, people would probably still be playing those and not buying DLCs after they played Tranzit.  Custom map tools are good, but BO zombies is ALL about the map and the atmosphere, allowing people to create their own could end up being a bad thing for zombies devs, and I don't see them bringing it back anytime soon (unfortunately)

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more than likly they will about a year after the final dlc for black ops 2. there going to try and ring in as much money from this as they can before ever doing anything els.

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