How do our PS3 users like MoTD so far?

Black Ops II Wii-U

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Is it that time of the month hudson? or do you just not want people exploring the map to find more than we already know? Cause in all honesty the more eyes the better as long as they're not trolls. But like that won't happen

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Oh and I'm loving the map even though i have a xbox too.. I'm more comfortable with my ps3 controller so it makes me step my game up.

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Just done my first run through. Oh my god. That map. Is insane, first zombies map thats accutually had me a little bit scared! haah, brutus is a pain in the ass but so cool, no new finds though love the map, treyacrh pulled it off

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Headshots and ray gun will lay Brutus down quickly.

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Had 1 game so far. Managed 10 rounds running loops with 2 wall guns and claymores. I think i was where the plane gets built. I couldnt find jugg. The big guy ended up cornering me.  I'll jump back on today after work and explore some.

Good fun though, although not a fan of all the flashing things. Hurts my eyes. Probably end up having an epileptic fit.

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I only had the chance to run through some early rounds a couple times last night, but I like it so far. It's much harder than Die Rise (which is far too easy, imo) and I like all the characters and the look of the map. Pretty excited to try out the blunder gat, build the stuff and get/upgrade the tomohawk.

My intro was all effed up though. Just had the audio; video was stuck on the gray fade-in at the beginning. I'm hoping that was just a glitch that will be fixed by a game restart.

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I only had one solo game and i was scared lol, would like to give this a go with a team, add me up if you guys keen for the weekend.

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The map is awesome, got to 27 on 2nd game, only died becasue we ran out of ammo.
Does anyone have any great recommendations for places to take higher rounds? We tended to stay mostly on the PaP bridge but am I right in thinking you can't get any drops there? So we went back and often ended up holding it under the tower trap at the docks.

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I really think it's fantastic, I love this map so much. first run, got to round 20 (just me and my good friend) built the plane. second run I managed to get a blundergat and PaP & acid gat kid. brilliant map. me and a friend are looking for commited zombie players, just up for having fun on MOTD really, preferably not kids and must have a mic/speak english. Add me XoHYPEoX

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